Where to Find Businesses for Sale

Where to Find Businesses for Sale

Finding a business for sale may depend on what type of business you are looking for and what price your budget will extend to. Here are some places and ways you might find a business for sale;

1. Key word search via your internet browser for example: café for sale Newcastle. From here you may get direct sites to explore these types of listings

2. The other way is to go directly to websites that list all business types by area, industry and price. These sites can be found also via search engine or if you know them just by searching them directly. Sites that are mostly broadly used include but not limited to;

a. BusinessSales.com.au
b. Anybusiness.com.au
c. Businessforsale.com.au
d. Seekbusiness.com.au
e. Businessesview.com.au
f. Business2sell.com.au
g. Hospitalitytrader.com
h. bsale.com.au

3. Talk to your local business broker. If the brokers know what your requirements are they can keep you top of mind. They may have listings you have not seen for sale that may be suitable, they may have listings coming to the market to show you that maybe suitable but above all they have met you and that personal touch along with regular communication can be a real help when looking for someone you can trust and that can guide you.

4. The other methods that in most cases are less widely used is;

i. In the local paper under businesses for sale
j. Via Gumtree
k. Via Ebay
l. Via your accountant
m. Using a buyers agent who specialises in businesses – this paid service is very effective and uses a broker to find you businesses that may be suitable.

Once you have worked out what businesses you don’t want or what you cannot afford it will assist you with refining your search especially through the various websites and the search filters available.

Personally, as an agent I have seen many people who want to buy and get us involved in helping them get better clarity and in some cases find a business that is ideal for them – sometimes a business that they never would have originally gone looking for.