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Buying a business is a much more straightforward process with Merchant Business Brokers, as our purchasers are given 24/7 access to our technologically advanced website, providing them with the ability to review business summaries, enter into a confidentiality agreement and from there receive information memorandums. It is an efficient and very progressive way of buyers finding the right business.

When you engage with Merchants website or our team you will have access to our extensive and industry leading resources, skills, acumen, contacts and a database of sellers that allow Merchant to help buyers find their ideal business. We’ll show you firsthand what sets Merchant Business Brokers apart from other business brokers.

As experienced brokers we know and understand that finding a business, not just a business but the right business isn’t as easy as it may appear. We offer professional support and can work with you by offering ideas, thoughts or additional resources to ensure that you are heading in the right direction.

Merchants team are a trusted business brokerage and members of the professional industry bodies such as the Australian Institute of Business brokers (AIBB) and Business Broker Network of Australia (BBNA).

At Merchant, our aim is to be the best at connecting people to businesses that creates opportunities, wealth, fulfill dreams and enrich their lives.

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A small-to-medium enterprise (SME) can be one of the greatest assets a person can own and provide the greatest return on investment.

Most successful businessowners can generally be known for working well outside of normal hours and/or may – in time, be able to work as much or as little as they want. People have different needs at different times in their lives and often look for different things so it is important to know why you want to get into business. It’s important to find the right business (independent or franchise) that suites your family, your lifestyle, your needs plus should also match your skills set, experience and your budget/income requirements. Is it for the right reasons and have you got what it takes?

Attitude, commitment and certain skill sets you possess can often have a huge impact on your level of success and will make or break your business ownership experience.

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There are perhaps two initial aspects that you should get some clarity on before starting the process to buy a business. What are your strengths? What can I afford to buy?

Example: A banker is not logically going to be good at running an engineering business or a retail trained person perhaps not so good at building pools or a mechanic good at running a restaurant. The point being it is often more logical and an easier path to buy a business that matches your skill sets and your experience.

  • Financial management
  • Administration
  • Compliance
  • Marketing
  • Merchandising
  • Customer relations
  • Networking
  • Manufacturing/hands on
  • Human resources

Not many people are capable of successfully managing and evolving all aspects required to run a business.


It may not be wise to look at businesses that are against your strengths unless you have a support structure or systems that can help, otherwise you will potentially struggle or spend a lot of time and money in areas you don’t want to manage.

By contrast if you buy a business that aligns with your skill sets and more importantly your interests it will make for a more harmonious and rewarding experience and may assist with growth of the business.

Buying a Business Blog Posts

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